How to change DNS Servers in DD-WRT

DD-WRT is one of the most popular third-party network and wireless router firmware and software suites around, and it comes at no surprise that many tech savvy users and many other computing enthusiasts are actively using it. It greatly extends the capabilities of everyday routers and the extensibility of the system means that those who like to tweak always have something interesting to work on.
So when you find out about OpenNIC and it’s potential, you will want to allow yourself and your network access to OpenNIC’s facilities and resources. So if you want to use OpenNIC (and why wouldn’t you?) and you know you have DD-WRT on your router, or are about to load the firmware, here is how to configure it.

  1. Go to the DD-WRT status page. This is typically located at
  2. Click Setup. On the default theme, this is available on the top near the top, and it should the first option, on the far left.
  3. You will be prompted for your login details. If you have a default install, the username will be “admin” (without quotes), and the password should be “admin” (without quotes). If not, try the password of “password” (without quotes). If you have a customised install, you should enter in whatever login details you changed the administrator access to.
  4. There you will see your existing internet connection details. Scroll down to where you will see Network Settings:
  5. Where it says Local DNS,  enter in an IP address from the Tier2 List (your nearest servers are these) It is recommended that you choose an IP address from your own or the nearest country available. If you are lucky to have multiple in your country, choose your nearest state, where applicable.
  6. Once you have entered in the IP address, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click Save. Once the page has refreshed, click Apply Settings. These new DNS settings should now be taking effect. You may need to restart your computer in order for the new settings to completely take effect.

Enjoy OpenNIC access!

One comment on “How to change DNS Servers in DD-WRT
  1. passstab says:

    the tool on the right of the wiki
    is helpful for selecting a server

    also if you are using dhcp you should set “static dns n” to be the nth best server (#1 should be the same as local dns)
    (i hope i understand that correctly :P)