How to change DNS Servers on a Mac

1 – Click on your “Apple” menu and choose “System Preferences”
2 – Double-Click on the “Network” icon.
3 – Go to the “TCP/IP” tab. If your computer is configured to use a dynamic IP address, (notice “Using DHCP” in the drop-down box next to “Configure”). This is where you can change your DNS settings, by entering the appropriate DNS servers in the “DNS Servers” box.
4 – Enter two or more OpenNIC DNS server IP address, preferably the nearest to your location, which you can find here.
5 – Apply your settings by clicking the “Apply Now” button and Done!
You should now be able to visit the Main OpenNIC Project Site. In addition to other OpenNIC Sponsored Top Level Domains you also have access to all alt-root Peer Top Level Domain as well.